Adam Daley


The hero of Eden Mills

Adam Daley

What started out as a regular day, turned into something completely different.
Adam was finishing off Todd's homework that he held off to the last minute (Todd is his best friend).
Adam was working on the essay whilst presumably dreaming about his major crush Lori Peterson.
But this day wasn't so normal... In fact it was far from normal.


Adam Daley is a pilot in the works, he is learning how to be a pilot so he can be just like his father.
Both Adam and his father are building an ultra light -- an ultralight is just a very small plane with no external material, basically it's just a frame with an engine -- in their garage.


As you already know, Adam's father is a Pilot, while Adam's mother is a police captain, Adam also has a brother and a sister, they're twins, and their names are Danny and Rachel

His Role

Although Adam is just a teenage boy, he stepped up and took a major role even when people were acting out of sorts, (i.e. Setting fires, attacking other people, robbing stores). He ended up being one of the major decision makers in the community even though he's only 16 years old.


Adam is the main character in the book series, he is usually the first to respond to an attack or a mistake. Although he is only a teenager, he is part of the counsil and he is the most informed person there. The people in the community treat him as if he were an adult.